Sunday, 27 October 2013

my cbox

hello? me just created a 'cbox' or 'chatbox' on mablog. wanna know how to create it? it looks so easy, dudes. i wanna tell you, wanna help you in those insane conditions.
1. click here
2. the you have to sign up
3. then you just have to fill up those information like your uname, password and the others
4. then click create my cbox
5. well after that you have to sign in you email for verification
6. there will be a HTML. all you have to do is copy those HTML
7. you have to sign in to your blogger>click layout>gadget. choose add gadget/HTML
8. paste that HTML that you have copied in step number 6
9. just click save
10. finally you have a cbox on your blog
thanks hope it will be useful :)

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